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Mike Huckabee for Education Secretary?


Ex-Bushie and Fordham Foundation VP Michael Petrilli has made me feel a little bit better about Arizona Sen. John McCain's fast-track pace to the Republican nomination.

To be sure, I'm not worried about a McCain nomination because of his politics, but from a pure education-blogging perspective. As Petrilli notes in his latest article for the National Review, McCain has "zero interest in education," which will make the jobs of edubloggers (and ED in '08) that much more difficult.

However, Petrilli notes that perhaps McCain will delegate the job of education policy to an education secretary who actually has a flair and passion for talking about curriculum, students, and teachers. Mike Huckabee, anyone?


Other than his interest in arts, Huckabee's platform is the usual back to basics, higher test scores stuff.

How about an education secretary who actually understands education, who has (to borrow Susan Ohanian's line) actually spent a day alone in a room with fourth graders, and understands (and even reads) educational research?

Stephen, you are understating Huckabee's position. He's all for an aggressive voucher program and support for charters. He is against NCLB because of its encroachment into states' rights and believes in a more supportive role for the feds. Including supporting vouchers and charters and of course, massive amounts of government-sponsored prayer in schools.

As for you, Ms. McNeil, I think I spotted a hint of an opinion in that post. Unacceptable.

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