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McCain vs. Obama: The Whole Story


From contributing blogger David Hoff:

In response to Sen. Barack Obama's education speech yesterday, the McCain campaign is circulating the following sentence I wrote in 2007:

In his eight years in the state Senate and two years in the U.S. Senate, Mr. Obama hasn’t made a significant mark on education policy.

I'd like to remind the campaign that earlier this year I quoted an Arizona superintendent saying this about McCain:

I don’t think he has a strong track record of putting education at the top of his priorities.

Read the Obama story and the McCain story and you can decide who has a better track record on K-12 issues.


I don't have to read the stories. It's clear that neither one has a great record in the past. But now Barack Obama is talking about education while John McCain used it as an opportunity to talk about Barack Obama. Pretty clear who is going to be a better education candidate, isn't it?

Maybe not, just because Barack is talking dosen't mean that he will be able to make a positive impact on US education. Asuming that he will is not thinking the isue all the way through. There have been presidents befor who talked a great game but folded like a lawn chair when they were in ofice. I see no evidence that Barack is any thing more than a paper lion.

You might like to know your quote on Obama is now being used by McCain in a disguting ad that makes Obama look like a pedophile!
You can watch the ad here:

If you just read through the bill you'll see the McCain ad seems correct. Seriously if you read though it and see the edits - the bill was written for grade 6 and up - with later the reduction coming down to "K". The level of detail as to what must be taught is there. With the items Obama suggests as his motivation being almost trivial to the larger scope - i was surprised to see the level of outrage when if you just take a moment to read it - it seems Obama is putting quite a spin on this? http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/fulltext.asp?DocName=&SessionId=3&GA=93&DocTypeId=SB&DocNum=99&GAID=3&LegID=734&SpecSess=&Session

Id like to understand by what you mean by mccain has done everything while obama only says everything.Point out what Mccain has done.I can also point out significant things that obama has done.Get your facts straight before you try slammin a person man

Yes it is clear who is going to be the better education candidate -- the candidate who wants the Federal Government to have less control over what is a local issue, John McCain, and not Barack Obama who wants the federal government to take more and more power away from the states and the people in every facet of government, including education.

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