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Video: Dennis Van Roekel, NEA President


While attending the Republican National Convention on his first day as president of the National Education Association, Dennis Van Roekel spoke with Education Week reporter Mark Walsh about why he was at the RNC and how the NEA feels about Sen. John McCain's education agenda.

Dennis Van Roekel, NEA President:


It continues to amaze me that the NEA supports condidates who propose the vast reduction of our product (children). Also education has learned that money and "we do it to and for you" does not promote educated children. However, giving them tools to learn for themselves boxed with self-pride and worth does. As an American who is also an educator, I will vote for the person who will promote the opportunity for children to learn and become responsible citizens not for the candidate who believes America is less than others. Since visiting 3rd world countries, a person who does not accept helping those who have little to rise above their situation instead of treating them as unable to learn thus we need to become their "Big Brother" and give life to them is not the person I want leading my America.

I have watched my beloved 32 year education profession become deprofessionalized by the Bush regime. I wholeheartedly support Obama, what he stands for and how he intends to support education. I am betting that his first step will be to choose someone with education experience for his Education Secretary rather than the poor choice of someone with only business experience like Spellings! Imagine what important insight that will bring!!

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