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Video: Margaret Spellings


Education Week reporter Alyson Klein spoke to the U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings about why she supports Sen. John McCain.


We heard the surrogates for both candidates at NCSL. I thought Linda Darling Hammond was much more cogent and specific in her comments... And I hear Obama talking a lot more pro-NCLB talk than he did earlier in the campaign.

Sec. Spellings is interested in supporting McCain for the sole reason of job preservation. She has brought nothing to the moribund US Dept. of Education. She talks about the NCLB, but yet her office has NEVER issued enforcement guidelines to OCR (Office for Civil Rights) for complaints related to NCLB and related enforcement. Thus far any NCLB enforcement by OCR has been tucked into other law, primarily discrimination actions. She does the talk on NCLB, but not the walk.

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