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Video: Voices from the RNC


While at the Republican National Convention, Education Week reporters Mark Walsh and Alyson Klein spoke with school administrators, teachers, and parents about their views on Sen. John McCain and the GOP's education platform. Here is a sampling of what they said:

Jerome Hoynes, Teacher, Illinois:

Christie Bowen, Assistant Principal, Tennessee:

Chris Peden, Father, Texas:


It is sad to think that the (so called) educated people interviewed can fix our educational system with school choice and competition. But what else would you expect from supporter of the most incompetent and corrupt president in the history of the US. I learn to write barbs like this from Palin.

I think it's sad that people support a simplistic solution to the complex issue of improving US education and/or fall victim to simplistic rhetoric. I listened to 3 videos and couldn't take it anymore. The first person admitted that John McCain's education plan needs "some work" but that he will do the "right thing" when he's elected. Huh? I need a little more of a plan than that to place my trust in a man who is running as the candidate of the party with the WORST president in the history of the country.
Perhaps the people interviewed like John McCain for reasons other than his educational policy? I can't think how he inspires confidence in his ability to deal with education since he has absolutely zero experience, and very little interest, in our field. Oh wait - in his acceptance speech last night, he did encourage people to serve their nation and one suggestion was to become a teacher. Thanks, John - have you looked at the salaries for teachers lately? I have loved my job, but frankly I am really disgusted that I can work hard for years and still just pay the bills.

One gentleman interviewed said that the Democrats direct our schools from Washington telling us "what book to read and when to have recess." I have never, ever in my experience as a teacher seen that. The only educational policies that rigid come from evangelicals(usually Republicans) who insist that only certain things be taught. And by all accounts, the most rigid and ridiculous stranglehold put on schools by the federal government to date was NCLB, thanks to our brilliant (not) current Republican president. So I really cannot understand how this gentleman believes that Democrats are micro-managing education. Puuuhlleeez!

I certainly hope John McCain is not elected, but if he is, please, please anyone who has his ear, get him to listen to many different viewpoints on educational issues so he can make an informed decision!

Of course, education is the least of our worries if John McCain is elected - more tax breaks for the rich? no tax breaks for the middle class? no tax breaks for alternative energy development to relieve our dependence on oil (and no, drilling is a only short term answer - think of your grandchildren!!)? As the economy continues to spiral downward with policies like these, we won't have to worry about education, we'll be too busy worrying about how to have food on the table and a roof over our heads. Let's hope destiny chooses the right leader so the US does not continue it's downward trend abroad and at home.

Granted, John McCain was not my first choice. I think the entire voting population stuck it to themselves when they cut out the only candidate proven to financially take care of the United states...Mitt Romney. Why didn't he make it? Too many bigotted closed minded people wouldn't vote for him because of his religion. Hows that for open minded, educated people? But o.k...lets look at John McCain for a minute. My response is to the previous comment where she puts the entire blame of the failure of education on McCain. I would probably bet you have never seen the entire voting record of McCain to know whether or not he values education. I love how all the democrats are single handedly responsible for defending education. I have been morally, and ethically bullied as a teacher by liberal whims who threaten teachers if they teach about a mommy and a daddy (instead of their brainwashing that we need to have stories about two mommies or two daddies). Somehow, according to you, the destruction of education is the fault of all republicans, conservatives, and Christians.

Every year, more people pull their children out of the public schools and home teach or enroll them in private schools because they are tired of political correctness. They are tired of working hard for their kids, and seeing their kids work hard, only to be told that the kid sitting next to him will be moved up a grade like him even though the other kid rarely showed up to class, or rarely did his homework.

I for one want my own kids to go to a school they know they can succeed. Obama and Hillary believe that the state should tell families how to raise their kids. McCain and Palin believe that parents should be able to raise their kids the way they feel they should be raised (consequently...if you read the Constitution, our forefathers had the same idea).

I am a teacher. I am an American. My vote is for McCain!!!

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