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Quick: Name the 4 States That Haven't Spent an Ed Stimulus Dime

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Alaska, Louisiana, New Hampshire, New Mexico.

These four haven't drawn down any of the money that's been made available to them via state stimulus grants, according to the latest spending report from the U.S. Department of Education. (You can check out edweek.org's nifty interactive follow-the-money map here.) This means these states haven't spent any of their special education, Title I, stabilization fund, education technology, or other smaller grants, such as vocational rehabilitation. Note the zeros in the "outlay" category in the department's report.

You'll note on the Education Department's spending report that, within these states, a portion of grants to other entities, such as higher education institutions and local school districts, have been spent.

What's interesting is that even South Carolina, where Gov. Mark Sanford unsuccessfully tried to refuse stimulus money, has spent some of its share.

1 Comment

NH state law requires school districts to get the approval of the "legislative body" (i.e. town/school district meeting) to increase their spending authority before they can spend stimulus money. If a school district has a $20 million dollar budget and they get a million dollars in stimulus money they can not spend $21 million dollars until they receive approval. Districts will probably seek this approval in the fall. This requirement and the vague definition of how the stimulus money can/can not be spent has delayed the spending of the money in NH. Not like transportation money...pave baby pave!

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