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Nevada Says No Dice to Race to the Top Funding

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While California takes a final step toward becoming eligible for Race to the Top funding, neighboring Nevada seems to be doing the opposite. A state that makes its living on gambling has become what's probably the first state to excuse itself from at least the first round of the Race to the Top competition. Maybe the state is betting it can do better in the final round?

In a weekend story, state officials in Nevada appear to display little resolve to change a law pushed by teachers' unions several years ago that blocks the use of student achievement data in decisions about teacher evaluations. If you remember, having such a law would make a state ineligible to compete for Race to the Top funds, according to draft guidelines proposed by Education Secretary Arne Duncan & Crew.

Though Nevada has experienced some of the nation's toughest budget woes, some in the state say they aren't that desperate for money.

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Possibly Nevada has looked at the same kind of evidence the National Academy of Sciences looked at.


NAS finds each of the four "pillars" of the Race to the Top is an unwarranted gamble.

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