A new data tool shows schools had spent a small share of CARES Act money months after the law passed, but what that means is disputed.

President-elect Joe Biden said 666,000 teachers have been laid off during the coronavirus crisis. But the real number isn't as big.

As states shift their policies on testing, questions mount about the role exams will play for schools and students going forward.

Northeastern governors called in-person instruction "the best possible scenario for children" if it takes place with "appropriate protections."

An online fracas over potential picks has made Baltimore superintendent Sonja Santelises a lightning rod for competing views.

The now-withdrawn statement had been attached to guidance changed after President Donald Trump criticized a previous version.

Lawmakers designed ESSA to limit mandates covering issues like how tests are used. Will that affect how well the law survives the pandemic?

Congress controls how much gets spent on education. But a presidential administration can influence how it's spent. Here's a few areas to watch.

The education team that will guide the transition between the Trump and Biden administrations includes many alumni from the Obama Education Department.

The Education Department could be affected by a prolonged delay in formally initiating a turnover to a new presidential administration, but less so than other agencies.

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