The education team that will guide the transition between the Trump and Biden administrations includes many alumni from the Obama Education Department.

The Education Department could be affected by a prolonged delay in formally initiating a turnover to a new presidential administration, but less so than other agencies.

Two run-off elections could decide how the Senate addresses the coronavirus pandemic and a new education secretary, among other issues.

Speculation about president-elect Joe Biden's nominee is focusing on current and former educators.

Many educators celebrated Biden's win by waving goodbye to Betsy DeVos as K-12 groups urged the next administration to address key issues.

If the GOP holds the Senate, Biden might face pressure to shift his preferences when nominating Betsy DeVos' successor.

In his book "Schoolhouse Burning," law professor Derek Black argues that public schools have yet to recover politically and financially from the last recession.

President Trump announced a 1776 Commission in September as part of his campaign against "left-wing indoctrination" in history classes.

State leadership is on the ballot in dozens of states as they grapple with the pandemic's impact on schools, the economy, and their relationship to federal officials.

Arguments over an Arizona ballot measure mirror calls at the national level to raise taxes for "the 1 percent" to increase education funding.

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