Secretary of Education Arne Duncan road-tested the administration's general election arguments on education Monday, in a speech before the "Mom Congress."

It's official! Deborah Delisle, who served as Ohio's state school chief, has been confirmed as the Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education at the U.S. Department of Education.

The House of Representatives voted today, 215-195, to approve a bill that would keep rates on some student loans, but there is disagreement over how to pay for the measure.

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So now that it's a presidential election issue just about everyone has put out a bill to temporarily stop the rate-hike, for at least a year, well after the election. The big question? Exactly how to pay for the change.

Education "reform" and civil rights groups, including Democrats for Education Reform, Students First, and the National Coucil of La Raza, like teh administration's focus on competitive grants.

Is right here in this must-read Education Week special report....

Mitt Romney, the presumed GOP presidential nominee, is on board with the president's proposal to temporarily freeze interest rates on student loans. That could put him at odds with some congressional Republicans worried about the cost of the proposal.

A bipartisan group of senators wants to make sure the Obama administration doesn't leave rural schools out in the cold when it crafts the next generation of the Race to the Top competition, which is aimed at districts.

President Barack Obama today endorsed a pair of bills that would protect students who are bullied at school and in some cases, provide for students or their families to collect damages from school districts that don't act swiftly or strongly enough in students' defense.

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