After an investigation found Illinois schools put children in "isolated timeout" for illegal reasons, a group of the state's federal lawmakers have asked U.S. Secretary of Education to ban seclusion in schools nationwide.

It's pretty obvious by now that many Democrats are growing increasingly uncomfortable supporting charter schools. But New Hampshire lawmakers have taken the unusual step of rejecting federal charter school grant money.

Among all 16 issues in a December Gallup poll, education had the second-highest share of people rating it as "extremely important" and "very important" at 83 percent.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren won endorsements from the Massachusetts AFT and the Boston Teachers Union, while former Vice President Joe Biden won an endorsement from the Scranton Federation of Teachers. The United Teachers of Los Angeles endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders last year.

How have private school choice and "right to work" laws driven political donations from teachers' unions and education reform groups? New research tries to answer that question, and finds some surprising results.

Members of the special state panel felt the Palmyra-Eagle district needs more time to explore options to stay alive, though many residents, including the local school board, believe the district faces a fiscal cliff.

John White, the high-profile superintendent of Louisiana schools who led the system for eight years and polarized opinion in the education policy world, will step down on March 11.

Palmyra-Eagle, a mostly rural school district in Southeast Wisconsin, lost more than half its students to surrounding districts and then taxpayers voted to dissolve the district.

Puerto Rico's schools were closed Wednesday as the U.S. territory continued to take stock of damage caused by a series of earthquakes, and it's not clear when they'll reopen.

A University of Virginia legal scholar argues for a multifaceted push to establishing a federal right to education, arguing that an overemphasis on local control has left many students with inadequate, inequitable educational opportunities.

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