The U.S. Department of Education stands by its original guidance on bullying, despite concerns from the National School Boards Association and a somewhat critical article in the Daily Caller.

The House is expected to pass a bill resurrecting the D.C. voucher program, a top priority for John Boehner but opposed by the Obama administration.

The U.S. Department of Education clarifies remarks by President Obama suggesting he might not be in favor of annual testing. He is.

A strongly worded letter from a broad range of civil rights and other groups warns against watering down subgroup data mandates in renewal of ESEA.

Principals who are replaced as part of a school turnaround often find other jobs in the same district.

By guest blogger Nirvi Shah For George H.W. Bush, it was broccoli. For Sam (I am) it was green eggs and ham. For President Barack Obama, it's beets. It's not clear where the president stands on eating beets. Former President Bush was firm that he would not eat broccoli. The current president's distaste for the crimson root vegetable (once declared "the new spinach") hasn't stopped first lady Michelle Obama from planting beets in the White House garden, which has grown to about 1,500 square feet since it was originally planted. This week, the first lady was joined by ...

Sens. Lamar Alexander and Michael Bennet introduce a bill seeking to make better sense of the maze of federal and state K-12 regulations.

The latest temporary funding measure, which expires April 8, avoids a government shutdown for now and gives lawmakers more time to work on a budget for the rest of year.

The U.S. Secretary of Education, himself a former local school superintendent, isn't shy about using his bully pulpit, sometimes bruising feelings in the process.

The latest stopgap federal spending bill would continue K-12 funding at fiscal 2010 levels through April 8, but makes no new cuts to education.

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