In addition to providing a huge new federal investment in Title I and special education, the Massachusetts senator and Democratic presidential candidate wants teachers treated "like the professionals they are."

It may be a slow time for K-12 activity on Capitol Hill, but you can't really same the same about higher education, with competing bills vying for attention in the House and Senate.

A Trump proposal for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program intended to address fraud has angered Democrats, who worry it could cause many students to lose free school meals.

Johnny Collett is leaving his post as assistant secretary for the office of special education and rehabilitative services, where he served for nearly two years.

There's a lot to unpack in a recently rejected proposal to allow the use of ACT or SAT tests for California 11th graders, with lessons for policy makers in other states.

Will education come up in the fourth Democratic debate Tuesday? Here's a reading list to catch you up on K-12 on the 2020 trail.

An executive order signed by President Donald Trump requires guidance from each federal agency to "clearly state that it does not bind the public" except under narrow circumstances.

Arkansas leaders voted to return Little Rock schools to control of a local board after a nearly five-year state takeover. States around the country have wrestled with when to take control of struggling schools, and when to give that control back.

Private consultants will work with charter school networks to assist in opening more of the schools in economically distressed areas under a plan announced by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Thursday.

Education Reform Now corrects the record to say Florida spends more money on majority nonwhite schools in many of its biggest districts than on majority white schools.

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