TABOR loses in Maine and Washington state, Ohio clears the way for casinos that could boost school revenue, and Mainers scrap a same-sex-marriage law that some said could affect the curriculum.

Mayors re-elected in New York City and Boston, while the governorships turn over in New Jersey and Virginia.

Race to the Top will be a key focus of tomorrow's speech, which will highlight Wisconsin's upcoming legislative vote to remove the "firewall" between student data and teacher evaluations.

The Education Department clarifies that Massachusetts' use of State Fiscal Stabilization Fund money did not violate the law

The level of detail that states reported varies widely in the first quarterly stimulus reports posted on

The first quarterly reports that detail these jobs numbers are now online at, with state-by-state breakdowns of jobs saved and where the money has gone.

The first quarterly reports from states on how they spent their stimulus funds will be out tomorrow, and all sides will be scrutinizing the data, especially numbers on how many jobs were saved.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who appeared with the former British Prime Minister, did suggest borrowing the idea of "knighthood" to raise the prestige of the teaching profession.

Way back in the spring, my colleague Christina Samuels wrote this story about how the U.S. Department of Education is taking a hard line with districts that aren't meeting the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Apparently, districts that aren't in compliance with the IDEA have to make sure they target special education dollars made available under the stimulus package to improving their programs for students with disabilities. They can't reduce their own contributions, as they normally would be able to under the law, now that the federal share has increased. It's a very complex, technical issue, ...

If you haven't already, you should check out my colleague Erik Robelen's story about education in this off-year election. He points out that the very tight races for governor in New Jersey and Virginia will help shed some light on how well the Democratic brand is faring, now that the party is in charge of practically everything and the economy is still slumping. The New Jersey race is close, according to these recent polls. And the GOP has an edge, according to this one from Virginia. Although it might not seem so on the surface, those gubernatorial races may matter ...

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