A look at the two major political parties' platforms since the first charter school law was passed shows how Democrats' positions on school choice have evolved, including increased calls for accountability.

Democratic candidates are quick to denounce vouchers and private school choice. Yet many went to private schools or have sent their kids there. How much should that matter to voters?

The new response unit will be dedicated full-time to helping schools recover from things like hurricanes and wildfires, Assistant Secretary of Education Frank Brogan told a House education subcommittee.

Months after a teacher strike in Los Angeles, voters defeated a measure that would have put millions of dollars into the city's school system.

The House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday that would provide protections for 2.5 million people, including undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children.

Legislation in the Mountaineer State would pack a one-two punch of permitting charter schools and banning teacher strikes. But ultimate success or failure and impact on local schools, remain unclear.

Despite the strong economy, many states still haven't caught up to pre-recession spending levels, according to a new report.

Longtime Politics K-12 blogger Alyson Klein moves on to Education Week's coverage of technology and the future of work as Politics K-12 continues with its trademark mix of politics and policy.

The Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president unveiled a broad K-12 education plan Tuesday that calls for tripling Title I funding, grants to boost school integration efforts, and increasing student supports.

Arts education is an often-neglected but frequently critical component of what schools can provide to students, and there's a diverse set of approaches to how states and school systems approach the subject in schools of choice.

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