Education is "the civil rights issue of this century," the Arizona senator said when accepting the Republican presidential nomination.

These false charges spreading throughout the Web are driven by a misreading of the state's budget documents.

While at the RNC, Education Week reporters spoke with school administrators, teachers, and parents about their views on Sen. John McCain and the GOP's education platform.

If Sen. John McCain wins the White House, he'll have an ally in the top Republican on the House education committee.

Alaska governor cast herself as the PTA and hockey mom with bite in her speech to the Republican convention.

Republicans made subtle changes in the GOP platform on whether English should be the official language.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will seek to define herself tonight.

The new president of the National Education Association, Dennis Van Roekel, spoke with Education Week reporter Mark Walsh about why he was at the RNC and how the NEA feels about Sen. John McCain's education agenda.

As president, the Republican candidate would persuade the more conservative wing of his party to support those policies.

Education Week reporter Alyson Klein spoke to the U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings about why she supports Sen. John McCain.

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