If Democrats can hang on to the governor's seats in North Carolina and Washington State, then they'll have a good night in statehouses because they picked up Missouri.

Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, a Democrat, has claimed the Senate seat left open by retiring GOP Sen. John Warner. As the chairman of the National Governor's Association, Mark Warner made education a priority

Throughout Election Day and Night, Campaign K-12 will be tracking not only the presidential race, but also the 11 governors' races, five state chiefs' races, plus ballot measures that affect schools—and anything else on the education front that seems interesting.

It isn't even election day yet, but education bloggers are already asking that question.

The Center for Education Reform has a voter's guide just for you.

Like parts of McCain's Head Start proposal, it seems that some of her proposals to help parents of special needs students may already be law.

They expressed displeasure with Sen. John McCain's K-12 agenda.

The ad featured a coupon-clipping educator who works an extra job to supplement her teacher's salary.

David Hoff and Alyson Klein answered questions about funding for education, the future of NCLB, teacher quality, and the next education secretary in this afternoon's chat.

Tonight's prime-time 30-minute ad may offer a clue as to whether education programs would really see substantial increases in an Obama administration.

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