Democrats for Education Reform, which some view as an effort to help counterbalance to teachers' unions influence on the Democratic Party, sent out a request today to donors.

Memo to Sens. McCain and Obama: Big wigs at Fortune 1000 companies are worried that there aren't going to be enough engineers, researchers, scientists and other professionals...

Voters need to keep children's issues, including health and social welfare, in mind as they head to the ballot box, a coalition of advocacy groups and professional associations says.

Top McCain education adviser Lisa Graham Keegan and Jon Schnur, one of Obama's advisers, have a spirited discussion of the issues.

It may be no small thing to mount a voter registration drive at the 2,600 Head Start programs across the country, which has the potential to reach the parents of 1 million children.

She tells ABC that questions about combining family and a political career are irrelevant, thanks in part to the federal law barring sex bias in education.

The McCain campaign and its supporters continue to cherry-pick a quote and take it out of context.

Sen. John McCain has some ideas for pre-K that are sure to generate broad support in Congress ... because lawmakers have already passed them as part of the most recent reauthorization of the Head Start.

Both candidates touted their plans to bolster community service.

The New York Times finds that McCain's ad "distorts Obama's policy." The Washington Post declares that his ad is "dishonest, deceptive."

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