A new GAO report faults the Trump administration for inconsistent guidance on reopening schools and says a push for in-person learning was "misaligned with risk-based decision making."

Trump supporters are far more likely than Biden voters to report their children are attending in-person, full-time public school, says a new EdWeek Research Center survey.

The president's call for "pro-American" history classes doesn't mesh well with his 2017 executive order saying he would "preserve State and local control" over curriculum and instruction.

Puerto Rico's schools struggled with basic infrastructure needs long before Hurricane Maria, but the 2017 storm made the situation worse.

A new web feature highlighted by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos aims to display data collected from state and local report cards, but it remains a work in progress.

As the 2020 presidential election draws closer, the president has repeatedly attacked what he's called the "propaganda" that students are taught in history class and vowed steps to combat it.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos pushes for tax credits for private school scholarships and funding for families to pay tuition or buy educational materials.

A bipartisan proposal seeks $1 billion in civics and history education funding and to boost national testing in the subjects. But can it overcome today's poisonous politics?

Some states' reopening metrics are more lenient than those used in a new CDC scale, which details risk of COVID-19 transmission within schools.

The Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act and the Strength in Diversity Act represent prominent education proposals from Democrats, but the GOP-run Senate is likely to ignore them.

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