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February 06, 2008

NEA to Democrats: Come and Get It

In the wake of the Super Tuesday results, which showed no clear favorite among Democrats, the 3.2-million member National Education Association wants to remind Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that the union's endorsement is still up for grabs. With that endorsement comes access to hundreds o...

February 05, 2008

Clinton: Fully Fund Special Education

Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton is perhaps the only presidential candidate who talks about special education on the campaign trail—and that's probably a wise move, since about 6.8 million children in the United States have disabilities. That represents about 12 percent of students nationwide—a n...

February 01, 2008

Clinton's Retribution? Blame Kennedy for NCLB

That's Bill Clinton, not Hillary. In this story, the former president is blaming Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, one of the architects of the No Child Left Behind Act, for the "train wreck" that he says the law has become. Hmmmm. Could this be President Clinton's payback for Sen. Kennedy's endorse...

February 01, 2008

The Biggest Education Issue That Is Not Education

Did you catch last night's relatively tame debate between Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on CNN? Education got only a passing mention. However, as I listened to the two candidates, it occurred to me that perhaps the single most important thing that the next presid...

January 31, 2008

Clinton Dissed by California Teachers' Union

This is not good news for Democrat Hillary Clinton, who is in a Super Tuesday dogfight with Barack Obama.

January 28, 2008

The NEA's $40 Million Political Down Payment

A whopping $40 million. That's how much the National Education Association is prepared to spend in this crucial 2008 election year. Read more about that in EdWeek's latest political story, by my colleague David Hoff. That money still isn't devoted to a specific candidate, and as Joe Williams of De...

January 22, 2008

Live from South Carolina, where Education is a Civil Right

I was in South Carolina over the weekend, and got to experience life in a presidential primary state. Since I was visiting family, I was confined to watching the political developments as most voters do—through television and the newspapers. However, I attended part of a Martin Luther King Jr. D...

January 16, 2008

Is the Dropout Crisis as Urgent as the Mortgage Crisis?

During Tuesday's Democratic debate in Las Vegas, sponsored by MSNBC, the three front-runners were asked a very serious question about education. To what do you attribute the high dropout rate among African-American students, and what would you do about it? The question went to Illinois Sen. Barack...

January 16, 2008

Listen Up Adults, the Kids Are Talking

When you're done reviewing Mitt Romney's victory last night in Michigan from the likes of The Washington Post, Google News, or your favorite blog, you should turn to one more authority on this presidential race: kids. Education publishing company Scholastic has deployed its "Kid Reporters" to write...

January 15, 2008

Discord Among Nevada Teachers Over Caucus Lawsuit

The Nevada affiliate of the National Education Association is obviously feeling some heat for its decision to file suit to protest new at-large precincts at casinos on the Las Vegas Strip that will make it easier for workers to vote during Saturday's caucus. The Nevada State Teachers Association is...

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