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March 04, 2008

Education and NCLB in the Presidential Election

This is from guest blogger and EdWeek assistant managing editor Mark Walsh, who took a break from his own blog on education law to provide this Campaign K-12 dispatch: Education won't be any more prominent of an issue in the in the general election campaign for the White House this fall than it ha...

February 26, 2008

Clinton's Biggest Policy Flip Flops

Yesterday's Washington Post explored the flip-flopping going on with Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The Post id'd its top five flip flops for each candidate. And what was No. 2 for Clinton? Her position on No Child Left Behind.

February 07, 2008

NCLB's Biggest Champion on the Trail is Dropping Out

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican who had assembled a who's who list of education advisers and one of the more detailed education agendas of the GOP presidential candidates, is calling it quits. Now who in the presidential race will say nice things about No Child Left Behind?

February 04, 2008

John McCain on NCLB? It's Anyone's Guess

Unless Mitt Romney can pull off a N.Y. Giants-esque upset on Super Tuesday, Republican John McCain seems destined to claim the Republican presidential nomination. And so I went searching again for more insight into how Sen. McCain might change the No Child Left Behind Act. On his Web site, you can ...

February 01, 2008

Clinton's Retribution? Blame Kennedy for NCLB

That's Bill Clinton, not Hillary. In this story, the former president is blaming Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, one of the architects of the No Child Left Behind Act, for the "train wreck" that he says the law has become. Hmmmm. Could this be President Clinton's payback for Sen. Kennedy's endorse...

January 29, 2008

Democratic Response on Education? Silence

During President Bush's State of the Union, he touted a re-packaged $300 million "Pell Grants for Kids" program that would essentially give scholarships or vouchers to help low-income students trapped in failing schools. And he again touted the No Child Left Behind Act, which will become—for bette...

January 10, 2008

NCLB's Biggest Basher Dropping Out

The only sitting governor in the presidential race—and the campaign's loudest NCLB naysayer—is calling it quits. Though New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson hasn't made it official, every media outlet in town is reporting it. (Update: He just made it official, a little before 3:30 p.m. today). This ...

January 07, 2008

Margaret Spellings' Future: 'Staying Put'

If you read my colleague David Hoff's new piece about Margaret Spellings, you'll see that she seems to put to rest speculation , at least for the near future, that she may return to her home state of Texas to pursue a run for governor in 2010, or possibly the U.S. Senate. Spellings told EdWeek's H...

January 04, 2008

Iowa Caucuses: Change is Needed, But Even in Education?

The results from yesterday's Iowa caucuses make one thing very clear: these Midwestern voters are demanding change. So they gave their votes to Republican Mike Huckabee, a likable, though sometimes gaffe-prone, bass-playing former Arkansas governor who has made arts education his big school initiat...

December 27, 2007

Voter Attitudes on School Prayer, Vouchers, and NCLB

If I were writing this as a traditional news story, this would be my lead: "Forty-two percent of voters surveyed in a recent Associated Press-Yahoo poll said they would be much more likely, or somewhat more likely, to vote for a candidate who supports teacher-led prayer in public schools." But sin...

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