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Guest post by Lennon Flowers. It's 6:50am on a Tuesday. Erwin is knocking on Tyrell's door near the Poe Homes in West Baltimore. A few miles away, in a very different Baltimore, Mike is picking up Kelvin's favorite yogurt to add to the lunch that he will drop off at Dunbar High School that morning. Elizabeth is texting Jayden to make sure he's up and got his English paper done. To kick off her day, Cheryl is messaging Kelsey on Facebook with career ideas. Amanda is driving Juan home from rehab. Throughout Baltimore, dozens of similar exchanges will take ...

If you want to change the ongoing inequities in American society - and in our public schools - is it better to invest in universally available early childhood programs, or universally available computer tablets? If you read yesterday's New York Times, you know that two very different public figures - the University of Chicago's James Heckman, and the News Corporation's Joel Klein - have come to two very different conclusions. Heckman, one of the country's biggest champions of early childhood education, urges us to "rethink long-held notions of how we develop productive people and promote shared prosperity." The indicators of ...

The first time I learned about Diane Ravitch is a lot like the first time I learned about Ronald Reagan. Let me explain.

Are public charter schools, when it comes to the law, actually public schools? Sam Chaltain is not so sure.


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