Listen to the Education Writers Association's interview with reporter Stephen Sawchuk on the core themes in Education Week's Citizen Z civics education reporting project.

Take in the highlights and strategies from Education Week's recent online chat on improving civics education and student voice.

The Scholastic survey also finds that knowledge helps: Parents who know about "summer slide" make more efforts to help their child keep reading.

Students in U.S. classrooms are startingly ignorant of American history, but it's not because their teachers have failed them. It's because the curriculum in most schools focuses on memorizing "irrelevant, boring" names and dates, a new study finds.

The National Math and Science Initiative's new tool aims to help the field look for patterns in STEM data, so educators and policy folks can fill in holes.

A program to teach children with dyslexia how to read, will now be used with every child in Arkansas. Parents led the way—forcing the state to rethink reading.

The Bruin Voice plans to publish their sex-worker story this week, despite the school district's attempts to screen the content beforehand.

The petition drive has so far received more than 51,000 signatures and support from five Democratic presidential candidates.

Helping kids understand and engage in politics online makes them more likely to keep doing it. But is that a good thing?

Two Pennsylvania moms had kids who were struggling readers; now they're advocating for their district to overhaul its entire approach to literacy.


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