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Twitter In, WW II History....?

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Perhaps an unnecessarily provocative title, I know. But you can bet this ongoing discussion about how to revise the British national primary school curriculum is going to be raising hackles among people from lots of subject-matter groups.

I've linked to my colleague Kathleen Manzo's item, on her Digital Education blog, about that discussion, as reported in The Guardian, a British newspaper. It appears that the crux of the matter is that British schools would be given more flexibility over which historical periods to cover. The idea is to emphasize a chronological approach to history, and avoid duplication with the secondary curriculum, the story says. The newspaper calls it the "biggest change to public school in a decade." We'll see where this goes.

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Personally, I feel that this is a good approach to teaching a subject like history. I think that if the teacher determines what to teach their class instead of being told what to teach; the teacher is going to have a greater interest in the topic while they are teaching it. If the teacher has a greater interest in the topic then they are going to teach the topic in creative ways which in turn will pull the students attention into the lesson. I would like to see something like this happen in the U.S and see where it would take us in helping our children succeed in school.

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