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The Teacher as Reader


Who wants to learn to read from a teacher who doesn't read much herself? It seems there's no danger of a child being in that situation if he or she has Donalyn Miller as a teacher. She's a 6th grade language arts and social studies teacher in Texas, who is otherwise known as "the book whisperer."

Now that school is out, Miller has set for herself a summer challenge of reading a book a day. In a blog entry this week, she reviews Tillmon County Fire, a novel by Pamela Ehrenberg, set in Appalachia. She also interviews Ehrenberg on the blog via a Q&A.

I'm sure this will all be fodder for her to recommend Tillmon County Fire to some kids this coming school year. But I hope she allows reading to be pleasure as well as work this summer.

For my summer reading list, I've been thinking of picking up a collection of "This I Believe" essays that NPR has produced in a book. I'm fascinated by what people articulate as their core values when answering such an open-ended question, "What do you believe?"

Readers, I welcome you to share the titles of books you have on your summer reading list and why those books intrigue you.


I read "Where the Red Fern Grows" a few months ago and the book was wonderful. Perhaps the greatest reason that I enjoyed it so much was because it was very easy to empathize with Billy Coleman, the main character and the author.

I am a history teacher. I am reading Ashes to Roses by Mary Jane Auch right now.

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