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California Puts Hold on New Textbooks


The California state board of education won't approve new textbooks for K-8 students until January 2016 at the earliest because of reduced state spending in the budget for textbooks, according to the Los Angeles Times. At the same time, the San Jose Mercury News reports that state education officials have approved 10 digital textbooks that can be used in the state for math and science. California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is promoting the use of digital textbooks.

Blogger Joanne Jacobs observes that if schools go the route of digital textbooks, that might create some problems because teachers may not have training in how to use them.


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The state of CA did not approve anything...in fact, if you read the report you will see every page has the notation that the state does NOT endorse the digital materials it reviewed. If you read further you will see that standards called "met with comments" are actually standards not fully met at all, but were lumped into the chart as completely met.

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