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Reminder: Live Math Chat Today, 1 p.m Eastern


Just a reminder to the math-happy among us that we're staging a live chat today on your favorite subject. The topic is high school math: Why does U.S. students' performance appear to stagnate at the high school level, despite the relative progress made at earlier grades? Our guests are Hank Kepner, the president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and Susan Eddins, a math consultant and a retired, longtime teacher at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.

You can watch, and submit questions, at this site.

UPDATE: Here's the transcript from the chat.


Question: Why does US students' performance appear to stagnate in high school?

Too much of the curricula is based on state standards, unit-by-unit regimens and and strict lesson plans. There is no allowance for spontaneity, math stories, or real-life math lessons. Teachers who deviate from the lesson plans in the interest of excitement and stimulation are chastised.

Math should be fun too! It shouldn't be like eating a peanut butter sandwich day after day.

How do Ms. Eddins and Mr. Kepner know HOW math is being taught in U.S. classrooms? How do they know there is too much rote learning vs. conceptual understanding?

Anybody out there know of scientifically based studies of HOW math is taught across the U.S.?

Do they have evidence or anecdote?

This report seems to say teaching concepts is given the highest priority:


see page 63.

I don't see rote teaching high on the list.

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