By guest blogger Sarah D. Sparks. Cross-posted from Inside School Research. The Common Core State Standards require considerable writing across many subjects, but the standards themselves won't be enough to guide teachers to best practices in writing instruction, according to a new analysis. In a study in the current issue of School Psyhology Review, researchers Gary A. Troia of Michigan State University and Natalie G. Olinghouse of the University of Connecticut used a set of 36 writing-instruction and testing practices that have been shown in prior studies to improve students' writing skills across different areas, including the writing process, context, ...

The Business Roundtable makes a potentially controversial recommendation: setting up a panel to review curricular alignment with the common standards.

A new partnership focused on better preparing and retaining middle and high school-level mathematics teachers received a grant from the Helmsly Charitable Trust for its collaborative efforts.

An international survey of literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills shows U.S. adults weaker than those in most other developed countries.

Dowan McNair-Lee, the teacher Education Week profiled as she taught the common standards in English/language arts in her 8th grade classroom, has been honored for effective teaching.

Washington last week became the eighth state to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards

The state proposes to set aside its math and English/language tests in 2014 and have students take the Smarter Balanced field test instead.

Substituting Smarter Balanced field tests for assessments that produce results for accountability could bring a penalty on the Golden State.

A new paper argues that the common standards in math do not demand a level of skill that is sufficient for selective colleges, or for students planning careers in math or science. In a white paper released today, the Boston-based Pioneer Institute, one of the most vocal critics of the common core, seeks to back up its argument with comments made by one of the math standards' lead writers, Jason Zimba. Co-authors R. James Milgram and Sandra Stotsky draw on the official minutes and a recording of a March 2010 meeting of the Massachusetts Board of Education, at which Zimba ...

The report uses assessment scores to show how U.S. states stack up to nations around the world on math and science achievement.


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