A new study finds little difference between the quality of essay-scoring from software programs when compared with trained human scorers.

A New Jersey middle school principal who caused a stir when he declared that his school was a "no-hugging" school resigns.

The chief of Pearson's K-12 work reflects on common-core-aligned materials and other issues.

The Texas Association of Business suggests that "major revisions" are needed to a set of proposed standards in math.

Tennessee's governor declined to sign the measure, saying that "good legislation should bring clarity and not confusion."

The Brookings Institution calls for better research on the effectiveness of instructional materials, noting that they can have as big an impact on student achievement as effective teaching.

A winner has been determined in the Nevada Science Olympiad, but that team will not represent the state in the national competition.

A bill designed to unravel the common standards in South Carolina has stalled in the state senate.

One of the consortia designing tests for the common standards decides to make higher-education representatives voting members, reflecting the push to ensure that colleges and universities accept the test as an indicator of college readiness.

In a new issue brief, the NGA urges governors to build informal science learning into their agenda to advance STEM education.


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