A 25-year veteran of educational publishing argues that curriculum is too often ignored in efforts to improve schooling, and that the process for developing and selecting curricular materials needs to change.

Even as some states get scolded for making insufficient progress on Race to the Top plans, common-core standards-and-assessment work is not the target of much federal criticism.

A new set of standards outlines the minimum that students should know about their sexuality by the time they leave high school. The lessons should start in elementary school, the creators say, and build as students age, in the same way other subjects are taught.

A national principals group has partnered with the College Board to help principals lead their schools in implementing the common standards.

One question on a math worksheet asked: 'If Frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in one week?"

A measure just approved in New Hampshire gives parents new authority to seek alternatives to any aspect of the school curriculum they find objectionable.

Back in 2001, Sen. Santorum pushed an amendment on the teaching of evolution that was roundly criticized by educational and scientific organizations.

The two federally funded consortia designing tests for the common standards issue more documents that offer more details on what the tests might look like.

Common standards, assessments and STEM education dominated the year's curriculum stories.

By guest blogger Stephen Sawchuk All seven states that qualified for the third round of the federal Race to the Top competition have won a share in the $200 million remaining, and all of them will be expected to address STEM fields. The question on the table is just how far these changes are going to go where STEM is concerned. Remember, states primarily will use this money to implement part of their original Race to the Top plans—which means making progress in one of the core areas of the economic-stimulus legislation, such as raising standards, improving evaluation systems,...


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