The U.S. Department of Education, as well as many others, have been making available resources to help educators teach about 9/11.

Some observers say that 9/11 gets little or no mention in most social studies classrooms.

Most recent high school graduates say they wished they had taken tougher courses in high school to be better prepared for college.

A group of states designing tests for the common standards releases a document outlining the "evidence of learning" students should have to demonstrate to show mastery of the common standards in math.

The grant to Western Washington University will seek to gauge the program's impact on teaching of science in the elementary grades.

Education Week hosts a webinar that examines two districts' approaches to implementing the common standards.

The "learning styles" theory of how children learn gets another round of debunking.

The College Board has issued two new reports that aim to inform a revised set of national standards for the arts.

The first study to explore college instructors' views of the common standards finds support for their role in college readiness, but leaves key areas unexplored.

Education Week will be hosting a webinar on Aug. 30 that will feature two school districts' approaches to implementing the common standards.


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