Arizona is one of seven states where teachers are prohibited from portraying homosexuality in a positive way.

Young Parkland residents had much higher rates of having their ballots go uncounted or rejected than did young people in other parts of Florida.

A Massachusetts lawsuit seeks to remove specific texts from a district's curriculum on the Middle East, and singles out individual teachers.

Hundreds of students protested by the U.S. Capitol as part of an international movement to demand policies to curb climate change.

Here's what you need to know about this Friday's Youth Climate Strike, and how it fits into the larger context of student activism.

The number of states requiring students to take civics classes or pass citizenship exams is set to grow, as existing requirements kick in and new proposals are put on the table.

A study of Houston schools finds that an influx of arts lessons led to reductions in disciplinary infractions, increased writing achievement, and strengthened student compassion.

Of the six series reviewed for their quality and how well they aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, EdReports gave just one top marks.

Five of the nine district-level educators named as Leaders to Learn From this year were singled out for their work in rethinking what's taught in schools.

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