A newspaper finds that some of its state's most respected high schools have large shares of students who fall short of ACT's college readiness definition.

New Power Point explanations are out on the two big state assessment consortia that won Race to the Top money to design tests for the new common standards.

The research suggests that children whose parents talked with them a lot about numbers as toddlers had an advantage later in understanding math.

Engaging in another round of discussion with an EdWeek reader, testing expert Margaret Heritage discusses the role of subjectivity in formative assessment.

Those of you who have been following our coverage of the common standards—and those of you who feel you've missed things and want to catch up—might be interested to know that key stories and commentary on that subject have been pulled together in one place. It's our "Spotlight on Common Standards."...

The removal of the humanities textbook sparked an online campaign by students who accused the district of censorship.

An assessment expert wades into dialog with an EdWeek reader to clarify the meaning of formative assessment.

A new study argues that technology can play a key role in letting students advance through their education as they master skills and ideas, rather than after prescribed periods of "seat time."

A final decision on the science books is expected next month from the state board of elementary and secondary education.

Critics say the textbooks give too much credibility to the theory of evolution.


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