New Mexico is focused on improving 3rd grade reading proficiency, but state and local education officials disagree about whether parents are being adequately informed and whether students are being inappropriately promoted.

A Democratic Assemblyman is introducing a bill that calls for the state to teach students about Russia interfering with the 2016 presidential election.

Most states that revised the Common Core left most standards alone.

California lawmakers are seeking to address concerns about how students and teachers are navigating online news by asking the state education department to provide resources.

Currently, 36 states require students to receive training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Teachers thought early education was both important and "hot;" access to books, teacher preparation, and underresourced schools, they said, are important but not as trendy.

Pennsylvania is the latest state education department to use Pinterest try to reach teachers and families.

A RAND Corporation study found that teachers in Louisiana were more familiar with state standards than their counterparts in other states and more likely to use classroom materials that corresponded to the standards.

Researchers argue that a barrage of messages about how and what to teach in science class can be tough on teachers and students, especially in the neediest schools.

Near Trenton, N.J., school district officials are arguing that teachers often have a good reason for not asking students to read entire books.


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