The Thomas B. Fordham Institute is publishing reviews, written by teachers, of free and low-cost digital tools that can supplement classroom curricula.

Finland is rolling out a new national curriculum this fall that focuses on multi-disciplinary learning. Education Week sat down with the Finnish Minister of Education to discuss the roll-out, an investment in teacher education, and the upcoming PISA scores.

Education Week is gathering thoughts on how educational technology is being used to teach the Shakespeare classic.

How schools should teach about evolution is still controversial in the Lone Star State.

Keeping low-income, struggling schools up to date with textbooks can give a boost to reading and math performance.

Michigan is the latest state to consider a law that would retain some students who aren't reading proficiently by the end of 3rd grade.

Fourth grade math teachers who took content-intensive professional development improved their own general math knowledge, but those gains did not trickle down to students, according to a new federal study.

Learning to sing and play instruments helped the development of auditory processing skills of teenagers in Chicago.

A new curriculum called "Elections and Relationships" includes lessons on hot political topics—and on how to have a respectful conversation.

The website asked the presidential candidates to lay out their views on 20 science-related topics. Here's what Clinton and Trump said on two that affect K-12 education.


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