Preschool and kindergarten may be the perfect time to introduce children to engineering, said educators at Boston's Museum of Science, which now has a curriculum targeted to those age groups.

The resignation of the former U.S. Department of Education staffer, who has led ASCD since mid-2015, follows a long run of membership declines for the organization.

Skeptics of evolution and climate change are among those named to incoming Gov. Ron DeSantis' transition team for education.

A new federal lawsuit asserts that the failure of public schools to prioritize civics education is depriving students of many of their constitutional rights.

Thanksgiving is often seen as a quintessential feel-good holiday, but many argue the way its taught in schools perpetuates a myth and dishonors Native Americans.

There's a dearth of research on teacher-coaching models in math. So two researchers developed one, and tested it.

A review of more than 6,800 schoolwork assignments finds that only a fraction were relevant for students or offered them some say in how the work was done or what they studied. And that could be a problem.

A modification to the Nation's Report Card achievement level descriptions of "basic," "proficient," and "advanced" performance is the latest in a nearly 30-year battle over where to set the bar for student performance.

Florida unions have released a collection of voter-related materials, but curriculum addressing election recounts appears to be short supply.

California, one of the first states to adopt curricula aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, greenlighted 29 of the 34 materials it reviewed. What do districts do next to narrow the field?


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