EdWeek got inside the operation and found out who's scoring the tests, and how they're being trained.

The South Dakota board of education has adopted a new set of science standards that look a whole lot like the Next Generation Science Standards.

Wisconsin lawmakers include a citizenship-test requirement for high school students in budget recommendations from their joint finance committee.

In response to criticism that its test is too long, and takes a major toll on school scheduling and personnel, PARCC announces a major redesign.

A new survey of parents and teachers shows how strongly they feel about music education and I pull out some of the more interesting points.

The Consumer Reports-style reviews of common-core instructional materials posted by EdReports.org are incomplete, contain errors, and misrepresent what's important in the common standards, claim two national groups of math educators.

Seventeen-year-old Raymond Wang of Canada won $75,000 in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair last week for inventing an air inlet system that reduces disease transmission in airplane cabins.

A new online resource offers a collection of student work to help educators see what students should be striving for.

Is it good 21st-century instruction to spend time teaching keyboarding and other computer skills? Or is it just another form of test prep?

A blogger discusses the value of studying student work.


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