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The president of Erikson Institute spoke about the $500 million federal grant competition and the role of assessment and standards within it.

States have until Oct. 19 to apply for a share of the $500 million in the latest round of Race to the Top, targed at early learning.

Denver preschool teacher Paul Mezzacapo and infant/toddler classroom coach Shelley Anderson spoke with me about how they use assessment and connect it to the state early learning data system, Results Matter.

North Carolina Gov. Beverly Purdue issued an executive order on Wednesday requiring the state to accept all eligible 4-year-olds into its pre-kindergarten program for at-risk children. The order also calls for the program to maintain the same standards for teachers and goals for students as the program previously known as More at Four. More at Four was a casualty of the state's budget process; the program was renamed, reduced in funds, and its governance was shifted from the state's education agency to its health and human services division. Purdue's order did not specify how the increase in services would be ...

On July 31, PBS announced it will launch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, an animated preschool series with cross-platform content--television, online games and resources for kids, parents and teachers--in fall 2012.

On Friday, a bipartisan early education bill, the Continuum of Learning Act, was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill would not require additional spending or new programs; rather, it would integrate early learning into states' existing K-12 education plans. The bill is intended to be part of ESEA authorization but could also be passed as a standalone.

Though Head Start won a $350 million increase in the fiscal 2011 budget, advocates are gearing up for a new fight the wake of the federal debt ceiling compromise.

Educare's graduates score higher on kindergarten readiness assessments than national averages, and the longer children are in Educare they better they do.


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