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All families in Minnesota will be afforded access to all-day kindergarten as of 2014 paid for by new tax hikes.

California's new two-year-long kindergarten program promotes alignment of early-childhood education and the K-12 system.

Teachers in pre-K through 3rd grade with NBPTS certification believe they're better at both offering developmentally appropriate content and imparting than their peers, a new study states.

$9.2 million will be devoted to helping states create tests that measure the readiness of young children to take on the social and academic requirements of kindergarten.

Mastering these foundational skills may be critical to later academic achievement, according to researchers.

Maine would become the seventh state in the union to offer voluntary, universal preschool.

Male educators trained by Teach for America are opting to work in early-childhood education at higher rates than those prepared by other programs.

The systems many states use to weigh student performance in the early years are faulted in a new report from the New America Foundation.

Louisiana lawmakers aim to put teeth on early-childhood education act.

Children in preschool programs that regularly expose them to English and their home language learn better oral and literacy skills, according ton an analysis funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Medication instead of behavior therapy is being used as a first-line treatment, according to a recent survey.

A study found that a comprehensive Head Start curriculum that emphasized both academics and social awareness better prepared children for kindergarten than an academics-only curriculum.

As Teach for America celebrates training 800 preschool educators, the organization finds conditions ripe to expand its efforts.

More than 30,000 solicited letters will be delivered to the White House in support of Obama's budget in support of pre-k issues.

President Barack Obama took the opportunity during a forum with business leaders in Costa Rica to reiterate his views of early education as a wise investment.

Child-care workers in Georgia must now submit to national fingerprint and background checks under a measure signed into law by Gov. Nathan Deal.

Local business leaders in a nationwide survey say they're taking steps to improve early-childhood education.


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