A final farewell and thank you to three years of writing on EdTech Researcher.

Final thoughts after six and a half years of blogging with Education Week.

Education reform needs to consider how history, society, politics, economics, and social relationships influence students' opportunities for success.

Failure to address the Digital Divide could result in an innovation divide as access becomes ubiquitous.

If researchers hope to identify programs that will prepare students for the future, then they cannot continue to measure innovation based on the ideas from the past.

Examining problems of practice through multiple lenses provides a better sense not only of what may be possible but also the unintended consequences.

Without a deep understanding of the history of American Education, perhaps policymakers are doomed to repeat mistakes of the past.

Responses of pre-service teachers to playing a game about school.

Some recently discovered problems with social science and academic research, and new strategies for a better future for education research.

If imagination is bound by culture, how might we reimagine a culture of school that deeply values the tenets of design thinking?


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