Looking ahead, 2016 may be the year of agency as we empower our students to assume an active role in their learning and play a critical part in the construction of their environment.

Tips from Harvard Kennedy School researchers about effectively using text messages to support students.

We don't yet know how to design and distribute online learning experiences that target the students who need us most.

To bridge theory and practice, situate abstract thinking in concrete examples.

LIVE at the EdTechTeacher iPad Summit Boston, Justin Reich calls on all educators to make this the "greatest ed-tech generation ever."

If teacher evaluation systems encouraged thoughtful innovation, would classroom practice follow? This post presents an imaginary system based on four case studies.

Exceptional educators inspire their students to construct their own understanding and gain new freedom to learn.

Tips, tools, and products that enable education researchers to stay organized and successfully merge their paper research strategies and digital habits.

Games bridge communities, encourage problem solving, and make learning fun.

Proposal for a new research study to investigate whether online MOOC forums are places where people form their own silos or come together across differences.


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