Instead of creating a Department of Education and Workforce Development, what if we considered a Department of Education and Lifelong Learning?

By focusing on providing positive female role models for computer science in our schools, and supporting girls and young women in their endeavors, we can send a strong message that computer science is for everyone.

Despite being an objective of education since before the start of the 21st century, critical thinking continues to be an increasingly important skill.

Instead of regurgitating information on a summative exam, what if students had to defend their understanding of a body of knowledge.

Undergraduates at West Virginia University take on the role of school designers to better understand fundamental ideas in education and school design.

To move beyond pockets of innovation requires a shared language of pedagogy and a community dedicated to improvement.

An argument for why it is a good thing when education technology providers test new ideas with small randomized controlled trials.

Though most examples of innovation highlight big projects or new courses, inspired learning may occur in more subtle, nuanced ways.

Whether defined as "innovation" or "inspired learning," the resulting experience encourages students to own their identities as learners.

The way we assess our students signals to them what we value. If we say that we value risk-taking and innovation, but exclusively use traditional forms of grading that deduct points for less than perfect work, then our grading belies our words.


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