Fishing experiments in the exhaust, experiments in the periphery, MOOC-thropology in the Field, and Design Research in the Core

Comments on a PBS NewsHour story, a research study on astronomy simulations targeting understanding of the massive dimensions of space, a readable summary of an important and nuanced research study on a blended learning platform, and a new short e-book on MOOCs.

Commentary on a NewsHour report focusing on Clintondale High School's flipped classroom initiative.

Parsing a meta-analysis of research studies that highlights a few proven benefits of specific game-playing practices and many potential benefits worth exploring further.

An MIT undergraduate shares her observations on the strengths and weaknesses of a reverse engineering project using Google SketchUp.

The unfortunate need for edtech entrepreneurs to eat limits the creativity and potential of the start-up scene.

The iPad Summit is about big ideas and a changing world, not about technology.

An online recording of an hour long conversation about flipping the classroom with WHYY's Radio Times.

An illustration of the kinds of work that researchers do, set to Daft Punk.

A review of Howard Gardner and Katie Davis's new book The App Generation:


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