A defense of methodological pluralism.

Examining three populations of higher education "non-consumers" who are joining the emerging market for Massive Open Online Courses.

Insights from the 2013 Digital Media and Learning Conference about building an increasingly inclusive movement.

Raising questions about the viability of Connected Learning to address fundamental inequalities in learning opportunities.

Findings on teens, technology, and emerging digital divides from the Teens and Technology 2013 survey conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life project and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

MIT students reflect on the promise and perils of introducing massive open online learning into higher education.

Comparing the 2012 Pew survey on teachers with a similar 2009 study from the National Center of Education Statistics.

Kate Crawford, a visiting professor at MIT's Center for Civic Media, gave a recent talk describing a scenario where using Big Data could magnify certain kinds of inequality: Crawford used a recent project conducted by the city of Boston as an example. The initiative, dubbed "Street Bump," is meant to leverage data from drivers' smartphones to help detect where potholes are on the city's roads. Drivers place their smartphones somewhere in their car's interior -- on the dashboard, a seat, or in a cup holder -- and when a pothole-induced "bump" is detected, that data is sent to the city, ...

Examining how research findings are interpreted, using a study of online learning in community college as a case.

An invitation to join a conversation online about the history and future of civic education in a digital world.


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