Before we teach how to tweet, we must teach why to tweet.

It is not intuitive to most educators how one would use Twitter as a meaningful part of professional development.

Design-based thinking has tremendous potential to help us envision new models for the future of learning.

Examining tentative results from a study: What if Constructivist Beliefs and Technology Confidence Don't Make Better Tech Teachers?

Today's Ask a Researcher comes from a student starting a PhD program in the fall, who asked for some tips about starting out:

I used to think that I needed to help teachers to use tools, but now I think I need to help teachers meet learning goals.

And I will continue to thank my PLN, many who I am proud to call friends, for constantly reminding me what a difference we can make when allow our passion and intellect to guide the way, not the state frameworks or antiquated education policy.

Math Camp and similar events tell a story of teachers leading the march towards better instruction, better outcomes for students, and more meaningful learning by pooling their shared experience and working together to create better classrooms and schools.

RoadTrip Nation wants to help young people discover their interests and passions through the great American rite of the road trip.

I'm pleased to report that with a month still left to go, there are over 14 entries in the #MTT2K Khan-test: 14 videos ranging from silly to snarky to measured, from off-the-cuff to carefully researched.


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