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Common Core presents a historic opportunity to rethink the way that schools and parents engage each other.

Kris Gillis,a Dixie Heights High School English Teacher for Kenton County Schools, talks about three days at EducationNation.

Stu interviews Mary Ann Blankenship, Executive Director of the Kentucky Education System about Kentucky's progress and reform efforts.

Julie Pile is a GCIPL (Governor's Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership) graduate of the class of 2012 and talks about how this leadership training opens doors for parental engagement.

Courtney Fox was the Delaware State Teacher of the Year in 2008, is a first grade teacher in Wilmington, Delaware. She talks about the challenges of the Common Core and the need for help from parents, administrators, and state policy makers.

Liza Holland talks about the need to support rigorous standards for our children from a parent's perspective.

School Board member Debbie Wesslund emphasizes the need to work the strategic plan in order to get results.

David Cook from the Kentucky Department of Education talks about the need to build a culture for innovation.

Student intern Victor Horton talks about his experiences as an intern with the Prichard Committee.

Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates, talks about kindergartens being ready for all kids.

Susan Weston finishes her series on engaging the common core with writing to build and share knowdledge.

Stu interviews state board of education chairman Roger Marcum.


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