The challenge is for districts and states to somehow escape from their institutional pasts and to move toward centrist solutions that strike a better, more reasonable, more productive balance between government and markets.

As we move toward a more mixed or market-oriented and customized school system policymakers must be intentional and thoughtful about how policies governing our public schools are constructed.

Public education wants and needs new ideas, but it blocks their implementation and prevents their getting a real test. Some market elements are essential preconditions for innovation in public education.

K-12 education can't afford to be an institution apart from all others and can't hope to reach its goals without using market forces.

Unless we place in the foreground the individuals and society that we long for, all the rest will be in vain.

There are multiple 21st century frameworks addressing the broad skills or competencies important to engaging our small/big world; however, there is an "elephant in the room," a big conspicuous but largely undiscussed problem: What should we do with tired content?

The author offers three ways to transform the education system from the inside-out--a committed superintendent who 'gets it'; a 'dream team' support network; and community design and implementation.

New media are at the heart of innovative models for education; empowering new forms of learning and teaching while simultaneously contributing to the obsolescence of traditional schools/universities as educational vehicles.

This week we introduce a complementary initiative at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Future of Learning, designed to explore what needs to change about how and what students learn to be confident 21st century citizens? Contributions will come from Jennifer Thomson, Christopher Dede, David Perkins, Julie Wilson, and Howard Gardner.

The blog this week will feature contributions from Harvard's Future of Learning initiative.


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