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The New York Times explores teenagers' hugging and texting habits.

The NCES' "Condition of Education" yields intriguing data on college and high school.

States consider tying funding of public colleges to their graduation rates.

Spotlight on Philadelphia culinary arts teacher highlights debate about career and tech ed.

Rudy Crew temporarily takes the helm of a partnership to improve a Los Angeles high school.

New research suggests that even one semester course failure in middle or high school can bode dropping out of school.

Policy wonks and educators burrow into what it will take to meet President Obama's target.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan outlines President Obama's education agenda, but offers little detail on the administration's high school improvement strategy.

A new report raises questions about the role of entrance-exam coaching in college admissions.

The American Institutes for Research has a new online tool to help schools detect which students might be at elevated risk for failure.

Miami put tons of resources into helping 39 of its lowest-performing schools. But now a new study says it made little difference.

If we need any more fuel to stoke the high-school improvement fire, here it is...

The stakes for high school improvement are high. It's a tough nut to crack, but it's getting more attention than ever, which is why we are launching this new blog.


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