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California districts get money to expand multiple-pathways work; Alliance for Excellent Education issues new tome on the next generation of high school assessment.

Researchers from WestEd track the rapid growth of a new breed of high schools in California: the independent-study high school.

The Los Angeles Times has coverage of the first year at Locke High School in Los Angeles under the management of the Green Dot charter network.

I'm going on vacation.

Lots of kids use cell phones and the Internet to cheat, and most don't see it as a big deal.

California's fiscal mess leads lawmakers to consider dumping its high school exit exam.

Report examines "collateral damage" caused to some large high schools that absorbed students who schools were closed.

New Jersey boosts its graduation requirements and tightens up the alternative high school exit exam that had been criticized as a loophole for under-educated students.

A kid gets a car for perfect attendance. More kids flocking to GED classes. And the road to graduation in Oakland, Ca, just got tougher.

Louisiana advances a bill to let 15-year-olds diverge from the standard academic curriculum in favor of career-oriented study.

A new study finds that teens who are in bed by 10 p.m. on weeknights are less likely to be depressed and suicidal than those who stay up til midnight.

The 2009 Diplomas Count, produced by Education Week and the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center, highlights what one Baltimore high school is doing to build a college-going culture, and offers deep analysis of high school graduation-rate trends nationally.

A new set of reports examines what's necessary to build a strong relationship between high school principals and counselors.

A roundup of good weekend high school and postsecondary reading; AP for all? Where is higher ed in the common standards talk? And how a former New York schools chief thinks we should fix our schools.

The push for charter middle and high schools gets a higher profile on Capitol Hill.

Teachers and principals are quick to assign blame to forces other than themselves when asked why kids drop out of school.

National Teacher of the Year says vocational education can play a pivotal role in the lives of adolescents.

A new report spotlights which colleges are graduating respectable numbers of students, and which aren't.

Chicago expands career-and-college coaches in high schools; Arne Duncan's turnaround strategy at Orr High School spotlighted in New York Times story about that approach to high school reform.

Recent articles explore college-going dynamics.


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