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Cash for Achievement: Thinkers Weigh In

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Man, oh, man. Things are slow in the heat of August. Tomorrow I will have stuff for you about the national results of the ACT. But not today. (Sorry, an embargo is an embargo.) So instead I refer you to one of the few tidbits floating around that might be of interest.

Over at the National Journal's education blog, some smart people recently wrapped up a debate about whether it's a good idea to use cash or other material things to induce students to step up their schoolwork.

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You know, call me old fashioned, but when the only way we've found to motivate students is through pay - we have fallen to a new low point.

As a parent myself, we have always and continuously talked about the importance of education, and the end game of making opportunities available to her later in life... It's not perfect - but she KNOWS that she is going to college - and is planning and studying appropriately.

I know not everyone thinks this way, and I know family circumstances may not lend itself to the same level of parental involvement - but I do think that excellent teachers can instill that kind of "fire within"...

My two cents.

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